How do the crystals work in water?

Infusing crystals with water is a method that has been used for 1000's of years to assist emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical healing.

Each of these semi-precious stones have their own molecular structure and properties and they radiate at the same frequency as humans. When crystals radiate they send vibrations and energy into their surroundings.

They take energy from the ground, heat, light and pressure and turn it into electric energy.

When exposed to water, not only are these crystals proven to purify it by affecting it's oxygen and pH levels, but they also rearrange the structure of the water to match that of the crystal, which takes an average of just under 10 minutes! (When you fill your bottle with pure water, let it sit for approx.7-10 minutes).

A simple example of this is looking at Carbon and how it changes depending on it's structure. Structured one way, Carbon turns into coal, another it's a diamond!

Depending on which water-safe crystal you use, it will nourish you with pure water packed with good energy and good vibes!